Latest NeuroCatch® concussion research shows brain vital sign monitoring can be done reliably without the need for baseline testing

Latest NeuroCatch® concussion shows brain vital sign monitoring can be done reliably without the need for baseline testing

September 8, 2021

The team at NeuroCatch Inc. is proud to highlight the latest concussion research on elite hockey players, which shows brain vital signs can be monitored reliably using the NeuroCatch® Platform without the need for prior baseline testing.

The study examined players preparing for professional hockey careers (e.g., the National Hockey League), and was titled Brain Vital Signs in Elite Ice Hockey: Towards Characterizing Objective and Specific Neurophysiological Reference Values for Concussion Management.”

It was led by Professor Frederick Carrick during a CAA Hockey training camp and supported by the Centre for Neurology Studies to investigate the NeuroCatch® Platform as an objective evaluation of brain health to help reduce the impacts of concussion in ice hockey.

The study, published in the leading open access journal Frontiers in Neuroscience, which has already been accessed more than 1,500 times, used the NeuroCatch® Platform to track the brain vital signs of 58 elite male ice hockey players and compared their findings with a control group of 135 neurological healthy individuals.

As baseline testing in concussion has become increasingly controversial, the study results demonstrated that objective, neurophysiological data generated by the NeuroCatch® Platform could be reliably compared to reference data in order to overcome any reliance on baseline data.

To learn more about the results, watch Dr. Frederick Carrick’s research update interview from the Carrick Institute:

The NeuroCatch® Platform is a medical device that offers a simple, objective way to measure brain function, translating complex brain waves measured using portable electroencephalography (EEG) and event-related potentials (ERPs) into simple, fast, user-friendly and intuitive results.

Unique to NeuroCatch® is the evidence-based method to stimulate specific brain responses involved in cognition. Using a rapid 6-minute simple auditory sequence of basic tones and word pairs it is possible to reliably determine the speed and size of these standard brain responses within an individual. Called the ABCs of brain function, brain vital signs track three well-established neural responses for Auditory sensation (using a response called the N100), Basic attention (using a response called the P300), and Cognitive processing (using a response called the N400).

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More information: Identifiers: Group A – NCT03975023, Group B – NCT03835962