The NeuroCatch® Platform offers a simple, objective, economical way to measure cognitive brain function using event-related brain potentials (ERPs).

It is the culmination of over 25 years of leading research and technology innovation to make established cognitive brain responses fast, easy, and fully accessible for a range of applications, with minimal prior technical expertise required. NeuroCatch® enables access to advanced ERP capabilities for any researcher interested in brain scanning.

Why use NeuroCatch® 
In my research?

NeuroCatch® is accessible to all neuro-researchers in need of an easy-to-use, convenient and accurate cognitive brain function measuring system.

NeuroCatch® results are immediate, simple, and easy to integrate into any research protocol. The report automatically summarizes cognitive brain function as two latency and amplitude results for three key ERPs (6 data points per scan): the N100 (Auditory sensation), P300 (Basic attention), and N400 (Cognitive processing). These ERP responses are well established and they represent a range of information processing from sensory to higher level cognitive function. The time to acquire and analyze this complex data is no longer days, weeks, and months – but rather minutes: six (6) minutes to test and 10-30 minutes in total.

For the expert in the area, NeuroCatch® expands rapid, deployable, functionality beyond the lab into clinical and other environments.

For the expert interested in expanding further into brain imaging, NeuroCatch® makes it simple, economical, and easy to get underway with established cognitive ERP responses that apply across wide spectrum research applications.

How do I use it?

NeuroCatch® is intended for the automated elicitation, acquisition, analysis, storage, reporting and management of the N100, P300, N400 ERP responses. It is rapid, deployable, and easy to use for researchers who require an objective neurophysiological measure of cognitive processing.

The results include intuitive graphical and numerical formats along with underlying waveform data for ease of integration into a range of experimental applications.

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The Centre for Neurology Studies, our sister company, specializes in conducting research on neuro-technologies, plant-based and progressive medicines, and novel clinical approaches. They are well versed in utilizing the NeuroCatch® Platform to help organizations successfully publish their research or bring their product to market.

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