Balancing Performance and Health: The Critical Role of Objectively Measuring Mental Fatigue in Sports

Balancing Performance and HealthThe Critical Role of Objectively Measuring Mental Fatigue in SportsBy Balraj Dhillon, BSc. Kin, HealthTech Connex Inc.September 28, 2023When we think of sports, we often focus on the physical aspects of performance – the athleticism, strength, and endurance that athletes demonstrate on the field. Yet, an equally crucial factor that can make or break an athlete’s success …

No Objective Evaluation for Concussion?

As a kinesiologist who works daily to change concussion evaluation, I found it frustrating to read the recent article in the New York Times, which told readers that there is no objective evaluation for concussion. What?! While I understand that this has been the historic challenge, it was tough to read this in such a high-profile and influential newspaper, because at HealthTech Connex we are working so hard to get an objective solution out there. Clearly, we need to do more to raise awareness about the NeuroCatch® Platform.