Testimonial – Sydney Low

“ NeuroCatch® was instrumental in my recovery journey, letting me know what was working, what wasn’t and what needed to be tweaked in order to get the best outcome. Thanks to this technology and the team at the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic, I’m feeling like myself again, and I’m back to doing the things I love after a life-altering concussion. ” …

Testimonial – ACH

“ The NeuroCatch® Platform emerged from leading science and research to provide an objective, sensitive, rapid, and portable evaluation sensitive and rapid evaluation of cognitive brain processing. It opens up critical long-awaited capabilities for clinicians and researchers to advance brain healthcare. ” Michael Esser, MD, PhD. Pediatric Neurologist Alberta Children’s Hospital

Testimonial – Novah

“ One of the greatest frustrations of having a concussion is that your symptoms are dismissed by others. MRI and CT imaging often classify results as “normal” as they look for physical markers of an injury, rather than physiological ones. This can leave clients feeling unheard. Having a tool that can help confirm their symptoms by looking for physiological markers …

Testimonial – Apollo

“ Apollo Physical Therapy Centres is privileged to work with and provide quality support to those who are recovering from brain injury and concussion. By using NeuroCatch®, we are able to objectively assess multiple domains of cognitive health and gain an understanding of areas that need improvement. This innovative and evidence-based technology not only gives our clinical staff an increased …

Testimonial – Mathieu Gagnon

“ The NeuroCatch® Platform has allowed me to monitor changes in my clients’ cognitive functioning with ease and provides me with objective information to aid in my treatment decisions. ” Mathieu Gagnon Kinesiologist Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic, BC, Canada

Testimonial – Alex Bradshaw

“ The NeuroCatch® Platform allows me and my client to gain real-time insight into their brains function. This can help provide them with reassurance or evaluate compared to their subjective reports of improvement during treatment. ” Alex Bradshaw Kinesiologist Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic, BC, Canada

Testimonial – Dr. Ryan Scott

“ Since June of 2019, Advantage 4 Athletes has been utilizing NeuroCatch® in the assessment of our patients dealing with neurological conditions. In providing a detailed, objective perspective on a patient’s neurological functioning we can measure progress in a far more comprehensive way. NeuroCatch® functions allow us to see the story of a patient’s treatment unfold. We are only scratching …